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Stock Private Sales Register


4 yearling heifers; Shian Nova, Stella, Seren and Solas – outwintered, sired by Ben Ledi Monty, BVD negative.

 Contact details – Lorraine Hogg, 07760337842 (after 5pm) or

Bobby Telford Bull advert.jpg


Hole of Lyne Andy registration Number 12745

By Blackburn Adam out of Hole Of Lyne Twinkle 2nd

Well grown bull and herd is TB4 and BVD accredited 

Contact Bobby Telford


For sale two yearling heifers

Gamblesmire Hestia and Hera -  sired by Longley Talisman. 

Outwintered with their dams. 

Closed herd, TB4, South Cumbria 


Please contact Jenny Willis - 07775 770190 or 

lochdochart bull advert.jpg

3 out wintered 2 year old bulling heifers sired by Longley Result.   


Also 2 year old bull Lochdochart Fernando sired by Longley Result.  Born 4th April 2021.  

PCHS accredited BVD and Johnnes. Tick acclimatised. TB4.


Please contact Seona Christie 01838 300274

2023 Sales Adverts

Interested in placing an Advert? 

Contact Anna Pattinson, Secretary 

An advert costs £50.00 and includes unlimited advertising for one year

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