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Whitebred Shorthorn Association Privacy Policy

All members and purchasers of Whitebred Shorthorn cattle receive a copy of the Privacy Policy.

When cattle are purchased, or a membership fee is paid, the information supplied is held electronically (Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, UK Herd number, Association number and prefix). The membership apply to use the services of the Association (registrations and transfers), this information is also stored electronically. Paper documentation is filed and held securely in folders and locked office.

We do not ask for sensitive personal data.

Digital data is held by the Association Secretary on a password protected computer. Storage of back up data is password protected.

We hold information while members are a fully paid member or elected Life Member, Honorary Member of the Association and for a short period after that. We will not hold it for longer than necessary. For a lapsed member this would be three months to allow for subscription renewal reminders to be sent. The personal data/information can be deleted from the database, while retaining information on the livestock held at that address. Information relating to cattle registrations will is retained permanently as part of the continuous herd book record for Whitebred Shorthorn cattle.

To meet our regulatory and legal obligations, we hold the information provided, keep it up to date with regular contact with members and will delete it when no longer required

We only share information with Grassroots Systems Limited for the sole use of their Breed Society Record and we may use the information also in Association publications, Show and Sale catalogues and photographs taken or supplied unless requested that we do not.

We use information to provide membership services (registrations, transfers of ownership and relevant membership information). Information is used for the breed Herd Book and in-house publications unless consent is withdrawn.

We will not share information with third parties, other than those already listed and with prospective purchasers without prior consent. We do not use market research.

We do not anticipate a need to share members information outside the parties already listed above.

Owners of Whitebred Shorthorn cattle

  • can ask us for a copy of the personal information we hold for them.

  • can update or correct any personal details by contacting the Association office.

  • can remove their consent to share personal information at any time by contacting the Association office.

  • can ask us to delete their personal information. Information regarding registered cattle (Name, Herd number, Ear number and prefix) will be retained permanently as part of the continuous herd book record for the Whitebred Shorthorn cattle

Where possible we will share a digital copy of information directly when requested. Paper information will not be shared electronically.

If they have a complaint about the use of personal information they may contact the Association office. It will be dealt with inside the prescribed time of 30 days.

We may make changes to this notice and if this happens we will notify members of these changes.

The Association has no child/junior membership in place and there are no plans for a junior membership to be introduced.



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