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Weatherdon Whitebred Shorthorn Herd

We are very much a family farm, Will & Ann and four children, situated on the southern slopes of Dartmoor. The farm itself is in an area classified agriculturally as Severely Disadvantaged.

The farm has grazing rights on two commons, Harford & Ugborough, these commons are presently in an Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, which amongst other things, does limit the stocking rate on them, but between May and November the Whitebred Shorthorn herd graze both commons.

The Weatherdon Whitebred Shorthorn herd have all been bred up from one foundation cow – Burnedge Goldie, purchased from Mr Hough in 1998 with her heifer calf at foot, Burnedge Lorraine 2nd. We now have 9 cows and 5 heifers coming on. The present stock bull is Bloch Dougal purchased from Messrs Bell, Bloch, Langholm, Dumfriesshire.

Weatherdon Whitebred Shorthorns

We also run a herd of Belted Galloways which was founded in 1955, and a large flock of sheep. The Belties, over the generations have created a Lear, which is an area of the Common where they graze and stick to the area.

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