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Whitebred Shorthorns join the Hardhillock Bazadaise Herd

The Hardhillock herd of mainly Bazadaise cattle was well established before the arrival in November 2009 of two registered Whitebred Shorthorn heifers.

Now, in 2011, the herd comprises 18 cows and heifers and 1 stock bull. Pure Bazadaise heifers are retained in order to grow the herd or are sold for breeding. Steers, pure and cross, are sold store at 14-16 months.

Whitebred Shorthorn Heifer with Bazadaise X Calf
Whitebred Shorthorn Heifer with Bazadaise X Calf

As well as pedigree Bazadaise, I keep some Limousin and LimousinX cows, but all are put to the Bazadaise bull with very satisfactory results. The Bazadaise is a superior beef breed notable for its grass finishing ability, mobility, muscling and ease of calving. It has a well deserved reputation for fine flavoured, low fat and well marbled meat.

During 2009, I decided that I should add a native breed of cattle to my herd – but wondered ‘which one’?

After doing some research, I decided that the Whitebred Shorthorn might suit my system – my herd is extensively managed on grass and haylage and is outwintered. I expect my cattle to be of excellent temperament, to calve unaided, to live a long time and to be good mothers and good foragers. It looked as though the Whitebred Shorthorn could do all these things really well!

Hardhillock Whitebred Shorthorn Herd
2012's production is 1 pure heifer by Murtholm Parky and 1 WS/Bazadaise cross heifer (brown & white in the background), 3-4 months old

Well, my Whitebred Shorthorn heifers gave birth to Bazadaise sired calves – the calves are an excellent beefy shape with a great back-end. I suspected that the Whitebred Shorthorn would cross well with the Bazadaise to produce a good commercial store animal – and I was right.

My aim now is twofold:

  • to increase numbers of pure Whitebred Shorthorn females – my two cows are now in calf to the AI bull, Murtholm Parky.
  • to use Murtholm Parky on some LimousinX cows to produce a Lim/WBS cross that will then be put back to the Bazadaise bull.

I have chosen to include the Whitebred Shorthorn in my herd for purely commercial reasons. I am happy with the contribution that these cows make to the herd.

Ann Malcolm
Hardhillock, Maryculter, Aberdeen AB12 5GQ

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