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Blue Grey Suckler Cows at Glensaugh Research Station

Glensaugh Research Station, run by the Macauley Institute, lies on the Eastern Grampian Hills of Scotland. The altitude ranges from 122 to 456 metres above sea level and the area has an average rainfall of 1040 mm.

Blue grey Cows and calves
The research station comprised 865 hectares of semi-natural plant communities, 78 hectares of predominantly rotational grassland and 70 hectares of permanent pasture and is stocked with 400 Scottish Blackface ewes and 700 crossbred ewes, 65 Blue-Grey spring-calving suckler cows, together with 120 breeding red deer hinds and stags with 200 yearlings and calves.

The heather hills are grazed by the herd of 80 spring calving Bluegrey cows run with Charolais and Limousin bulls. Cheap wintering on straw and feed blocks and the extensive use of natural hill grazing are the founding principles of management.

Naturally good foragers the cows utilise the rough hill vegetation up to 1500 feet on the Cairn O'Mount and produce weaned calves in November that average 0.9kg daily live weight gain.

The Cows and heifers prove to be easy handled, fertile, naturally robust in character and well suited to outwintering on cheap roughage diets.

"These cows will thrive where few other breeds would manage to produce milk," says David Nelson manager at Glensaugh. "The ideal cow for the hill situation".


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