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Traditional Butcher Colin Moore likes Blue Grey Beef

Colin Moore at the door of his traditional butchers shop
Colin Moore at the door of his traditional butchers shop in Brampton

For several years Colin Moore, a traditional butcher in Brampton Cumbria has been selling beef from Blue Grey steers sourced from Keith Laurie, Snowdon Close, Gilsland, Cumbria.

Mr Moore finds the Blue Grey to be particularly suitable for his traditional style of butchering because of their good fat-to-lean ratio, which makes them perfect for the butcher to hang to mature. He likes to hang his meat for at least ten days.

Colin's customers ask for beef from Blue Grey cattle, as they like the consistent high quality and the flavour of the meat, he also sells Highland and Galloway beef.

The meat is all bought locally, direct from known sources so that Colin can discuss with the farmers his exact requirements and be supplied with the high quality that the customer demands from a traditional butcher.


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