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Blue Grey Cattle

Cattle breeders in the mid 19th Century found that the Shorthorn, particularly the white strain, when crossed with the Galloway produced an animal of attractive blue-grey colour which quickly became popular for both breeding and feeding.

Blue Grey Heifer
Blue Grey Bulling Heifer

The Bluegrey was found to be a faster maturing animal than other breeds, and the steers were valued highly by farmers for fattening.

The true Blue-grey is bred by crossing a Galloway cow with the Whitebred Shorthorn Bull.

The Blue Grey cow is more than able to suckle their calves on moderately poor grazing, while able to produce calves which will satisfy the requirements of the market for quality meat.

Blue Grey Cows
Blue Greys at Terrona, Langholm

The Blue Grey female excels as a hill suckler cow with her good milking potential. She is hardy and easy to maintain. Calving into their ‘teens of years is by no means uncommon and the Blue Grey cow can carry her age particularly well – a factor often associated with not only the Blue Grey but also the Whitebred Shorthorn.

A herd of Blue Grey cows mated to any Continental or Traditional terminal sire provides a low cost hill suckler unit which is easily managed, and able to withstand harsh winters and utilise poor grazing efficiently. The Blue Grey is an increasingly popular choice for conservation grazing projects.

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