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Oban Native Breed Female Sale 2012

Donald Hendry attended the Oban Native Breed Female sale on Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Donald's Report

I attended the Native Breed Female sale in Oban on Tuesday as a follow on to the road show. While the trade in general was very disappointing the vendors of Whitebred Shorthorn cross heifers did much better than most with strong demand for light coloured heifers.

Oban Auction Old Manse Cattle in the Ring
Old Manse Cattle in the Ring

This sale represents the major West Coast of Scotland outlet for particularly Highland cross heifer calves, most lots usually going for breeding. In recent years the sale has been dominated by Beef Shorthorn crosses. However a small selection of Simmental and Whitebred Shorthorn cross heifers have been much sought after and have a least matched if not bettered the Beef Shorthorn crosses for price in recent years.

Glen Turret Cattle in the Ring
Glen Turret Cattle in the Ring

This year the sale suffered a substantial drop in prices across the board. Higher numbers forward at this early sale reflected concerns over winter feed costs and a general uncertainty in the industry. The most marked drop in trade was in the darker coloured (Beef) Shorthorn cross heifers. They were typically trading at between £1.40p and £1.60p per kilo.

Lochbuie Cattle in the Ring
Lochbuie Cattle in the Ring

The good news for the Whitebred Shorthorn consignments was that the more obviously Whitebred cross they were (lighter colours), the better the trade. Several notable vendors using pedigree quality Whitebred Shorthorn bulls received a brisk trade with averages at or just over £2.00p per kilo.

Messrs Bannermans pen of Whitebred Shorthorn X Highland heifers
Messrs Bannermans pen of Whitebred Shorthorn X Highland heifers

These consignments included Glen Turret Estate with calves sired by a Burnedge bull, Messers Corbett of Lochbuie, Mull who are using a Lochdochart bull and the Bannerman's from Old Manse, Balmaha who use a Row bull. (These consignments had tops in excess of £2.50 per kilo.)

Oban Native Breed Female sale on Tuesday 23rd October 2012

The promotion stand received considerable interest and many fliers were uplifted, including some supplied by the Blue Grey Cattle Group. Several of the interested parties from the summer shows approached to chat again - they were obviously well aware of the interest in the Whitebred Shorthorn cross calves. I am very hopeful we will have a few more new customers in the next couple of years.


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