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Whitebred Shorthorn cross Highland Cattle

Adrian Wheelwright, ran 130 Highland cows, crossing 90% of his herd with the Whitebred Shorthorn bull to produce the Cross Highlander.

Highland Cross Cows
The Cross Highland cow has the inherent hardiness of the pure Highlander, plus that vital ingredient "hybrid vigour". She has the milk to rear the continental calf with the high beefing potential demanded by today's market and retains the ability to convert poor hill grazings into quality beef carcasses.
Cross Highland Cow and Continental calf
Cross Highland Cow and Continental calf

Adrian says:" we are all going to face a new ball game from January 1, 2005 and we are out to prove that our first and second cross cows will improve cost efficiency resulting in financial success. Beef farmers have got to get away from the long-held belief that big is beautiful. It's not - especially when it comes to cost. A smaller cow will do the job better when there is no subsidy to rely on".

He added: "We are producing Whitebred Shorthorn cross Highland cows at 440kgs with a three-month-old calf weighing 140kgs. By the time it is weaned the calf is over three-quarters of the mother's own bodyweight which in anyone's book is highly efficient production."

Adrian Wheelwright
Sunnyside Farm
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