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Whitebred Shorthorn cross Simmental Cattle

Roddy Macleod, farm manager for The Firm of Moy Farm, Banavie, Fort-William borrowed a Whitebred Shorthorn bull to use on some Simmental X heifers.

He tells us of his experience;
The heifers all calved unaided, The male calves were sold at Fort-William Auction Mart on May 30th 2008 at around 8 months old. They weighed 337kgs and made £550, that is £1.63/kg. They weighed around 30kg less than Charolais calves of the same age and around 10p/kg less. I intend keeping the heifer calves as replacements for the herd, but I was asked if I had heifers of a similar breeding and were they for sale. I said no, not even when offered over £600 each.

Whitebred Shorthorn X Simmental
Whitebred Shorthorn X Simmental
Whitebred Shorthorn X Simmental
Whitebred Shorthorn X Simmental

Moy extends to 680 hectares of which 45 are ploughable, 25 are permanent grass and the rest is hill rising to 2800 feet. Situated 7 miles from the foot of Ben Nevis, the farm is split by the Caledonian Canal with access by a 200 year old hand operated swing bridge.

The farm carries 480 Blackface ewes on the hill with no supplementary feeding. Scanned twins are run on grass with silage only until end June then put to hill. 70% lambs reared all sold store. Ewe hoggs are wintered at home on grass.

60 Simmental cross cows are put to the Charolais bull, with half calving late September/October, these calves sold locally in May. Cows are then are put to the hill until calving. The spring calves are born late April/May, run on old pasture and sold in October. All cattle are housed for up to 7 months at great expense.

After trying AI, I borrowed a Whitebred Shorthorn bull to run with heifers. 14 have now calved, all unaided. All females are to be kept for breeding. My aim is to produce a more economical suckler cow, i.e. smaller, milkier and docile, these Whitebred Shorthorn cross calves seem to fit the bill. In the future I may consider using a Whitebred Shorthorn to produce replacements for sale.

Farm Manager
The Firm of Moy Farm
PH33 7PD


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