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The Whitebred Shorthorn

Whitebred Shorthorn Herd

The Whitebred Shorthorn (often refered to as the White Shorthorn) is bred primarily as a crossing bull to mate with any breed of female, but principally with the Galloway to produce the noted Bluegrey, and the Highland producing a Cross Highlander, the progeny from both these crosses being well suited to the full range of British climatic conditions, and able to utilise the poorest of grazing land.

Whitebred Shorthorn Bull

The Whitebred Shorthorn is a completely seperate breed from the Beef Shorthorn or Dairy Shorthorn.

Whitebred Shorthorn Bull
The typical animal should have a docile temperament and an outer coat of soft hair and a thick mossy undercoat. The head should be of a medium length with a good wide muzzle and bold bright eyes. The neck too, should be of medium length, blending in smoothly at the shoulders and the top, in line with the back. The ideal frame should have a good covering of firm flesh, should be wide at the pins, should have a straight top line and the body should be deep throughout with a good spring of rib. It is most important that legs and feet should be sound. The feet should be free from any tendency to turn upwards or inwards. The legs should be of nice flat bone and “set at the corners” to give a well balanced appearance.

The bull should be of good conformation and have the ability to transmit conformation and growth potential to steer calves, which will thrive and grow to prime beef quickly and economically.

white shorthorn herd

The cow should have good milking qualities, the udder should be compact with medium sized teats, well spaced and having the appearance of being able to produce ample milk and be a long weaning regular breeder.

In 2004 the Whitebred Shorthorn was added to the Rare Breed Survival Trust's Watchlist as a "critical" status 1 breed.


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