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'The vital link in the beef production chain'

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The Whitebred Shorthorn is a completely separate breed from the Beef Shorthorn or Dairy Shorthorn. Whitebred Shorthorns are bred mainly in the border counties of England and Scotland, and although the origin of the breed is somewhat obscure, it is likely that they were derived from the white dual purpose Shorthorn cattle, locally known as the Cumberland Shorthorn.

The Whitebred Shorthorn bull is bred primarily as a crossing bull to mate with any breed of female, but principally with the Galloway to produce the noted Blue Grey, and the Highland producing a Cross Highlander, the progeny being well suited to the full range of British climatic conditions.


W Winter in or out S Selected breeding
H Hardy H Health record good
I Improve any crossbred dam O Old breed new uses
T Temperament quiet R Regular breeders
E Ease of management T Tried and trusted
B Bluegrey sire H Hair medium and soft
R Reliable milkers O Originally dual purpose
E Easy calving R Rearing ability
D Diverse habitats N Naturally reared

The Whitebred Shorthorn Association is a member of the National Beef Association and is supported by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

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